Our founder

Our founder, Mr. Lim is a veteran entrepreneur who has 15 years of industry experience in healthcare industry specializing in traditional healthcare products. His vast industrial experience then has fueled Mr. Lim on a journey to research and create safe and natural health supplements that are aligned to his experience and passion.

The seeds of his lifelong passion for traditional healthcare products were sown when he was working in partnership with a healthcare entrepreneur and professor in China for almost a decade. As his interest in traditional healthcare deepens, he diversifies his traditional healthcare business into e-commerce by setting up Bio Wellz which is principally involved in online trading and distribution of healthcare products.

Traditional herbal products have attracted increasingly more attention in the global community. It is becoming more popular in today’s world because of natural remedies. At Bio Wellz, we believe in cultivating and embracing a healthy lifestyle by providing high quality healthcare products to all walks of life in the form of convenient and natural supplement. We’re dedicated to improve your health and well-being through traditional alternatives – ones that are safe and convenient for your daily consumption.

Our Product Certification

In our short time since launching in Malaysia on 2018, Bio Wellz has quite rapidly been making its mark. Bio Wellz’s quest in producing effective traditional health care products while maintaining the highest quality is evident in the certifications that we have achieved along the way.
Here are various certifications and recognition that spur us on to innovate other traditional health care products that are affordable and suitable for all consumers.

Effective, natural, traditional
health care suppliments

Bio Wellz places great emphasis on traditional health care products with the focus on developing effective and natural formulation, while still using traditional ingredients. This in in parallel with our mission to provide high quality, up-to-date traditional healthcare products at an affordable price to make people healthy naturally.